Automatic menu manual

Here is an explanation on how to use our component:

First, download the component. Then install it as any component through the extensions-install/uninstall menu.

Click here to download the component

Now, you can access the component through the joomla menu:

The screen displays the defined menus, like this:

Here you can see the defined menus (here: etet and test2). When you click on them, the settings can be edited.

Now, when creating a new menu, you get the following screen:

Now, you can define a name for your menu, this name will be displayed on the modules page. On the next line you can define the menu title.

In the left column, the properties of the section can be defined (either blog or list) in the same way as you would manually when creating a section layout item in a menu.

In the right column, the two bottom boxes allow you to define the category layout (either blog or list) in the same way as the section.

The right top properties allow you to define some extra properties:

- section: which section to include in your menu (either just one or all)

- category: which category to include in your menu (either just one or all)

-module to display: which module should automatically be displayed in the pages referenced by the menu (doesn't work in the beta component)

- template: defines a specific template for the pages in the menu (doesn't work in the beta component)

Now you can save the menu.

Select the menu(s) and press "update the selected menu(s)" and your menu (s) will be created or updated.It is important to know that every time an article is inserted / deleted, you will have to update the menu again.

Finally, don't forget to publish the corresponding module on the pages you would like.

It is a good idea to always try the beta one first as the functionality is more advanced. However you might encounter some bugs.

Please leave all your comments and ideas bellow!

Please report your bugs here (no registration required)

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rbdoei ( 09-07-2011 13:40:36


Any chance of a Joomla 1.6 update?

Love the concept, would love to get
working on 1.6.
Sander (SAdministrator) 17-07-2011 00:02:13

No, probably not. The menu doesn't have an official API in Joomla, which means
this kind of components have to be "hacked in". This means a lot of
trying and fiddling, for which I don't have any time at the moment.
How to create single Section with 2nd sub categori
Scott ( 30-10-2010 14:48:55

I was trying to utilize this within ja_purity template in the hornav location.
Wanted 1 button within the menu when rolled over to show the multiple categories
and then when rolling over those to show the multiple articles. Can this be done
with your component?

All I can get now is all 5 categories and the respective
articles. It's not showing the section name. Thanks for a nice

Sander (SAdministrator) 01-11-2010 20:23:56

I don't know how the ja_purity template works, but this component generates
standard menus, like the ones used for the default template. Changing it to fit
different uses would be a bit complicated, as Joomla doesn't have a standardized
API to access the menu items.
Almost perfect
Scott ( 04-04-2010 19:16:28

This would be great except it doesn't truly "update" the menu when a new
article is added. It simply deletes, and recreates.

The problem with this is:
if there's a link in an article's paragraph, that links to one of the menu
items, the link becomes broken after a menu "update".

I would PAY for a
version of this that took care of this problem. Suggestion: have the save/apply
buttons automatically add the article to the auto menu. Or, at least have a
special "add to automenu" button somewhere on the article editor page.
Sander (SAdministrator) 04-04-2010 21:06:22

I would like to change it that way, however, Joomla has no API for the
creation/deletion of menus (that I know of). This means a program which does
such changes on-the-fly would be very unstable. One wrong change could mean that
all menu items are lost. This was the only work-around I've found that's
reliable enough.
integrate with Seo service map2
Alex ( 04-04-2010 16:36:17

Can I integrate links in my new menu with site map, generated with Seo service
map2 or other? thanks.
Sander (SAdministrator) 04-04-2010 21:04:20

I don't know. This program generates standard Joomla menus, so if the software
you mention just uses the information contained in the database, it should work.
itemid changes itself
Tofix ( 25-11-2009 00:24:11

hi i like your component, but the change of the template and the itemid is not
useful for me... would you update it?
wrong template
Pierre Dole ( 13-10-2009 10:43:40

i gernerated the menus using the default template. But if i click on the
generated menu items another template is chosen. Maybe it happes, cause i
assigned other template as default as it was assigned after the installation of

next bug
Pierre Dole ( 13-10-2009 11:01:15

Ok, i selected the template of my choice, saved the menu and "update(d) the
seleected menu (s)". Now there are all menu items twice. Doing the same
again, there a 3 items of each...
doesnt work?delete all-.-
aleks ( 03-07-2009 11:49:09


sry about my english.its not perfect^^.

so, when i go under menü
manager and add a new menu manually and then under the component automatic menü
click on "update" ,the component will delete the manually added menu
Kati (Administrator) 06-08-2009 10:21:08


Sorry for my late reply... This probably happens if the name of the
menu you create manually is the same as the name in the automatic menu. In the
beta version, this should not happen. However, this version is not perfect and
can have other bugs.... Let me know if you find a solution...
some suggestions
viviana ( 29-06-2009 18:00:31

Sorry in advance for my english, I'm Italian. I just would like to say that this
component works great.
I would like to add a step that could be ridiculous, but
I think that too much information is better than no information. After you did
the new, in the (very little manual) there is written “Finally, don't forget
to publish the corresponding module on the pages you would like.”, this means
that after you published this menu, a module will be created automatically in
the module manager list, there you can find it under “mod_mainmenu” kind,
and the name will be the title, not the module name.
I hope this can help some
dummies…like me.
way to have the content not expanded?
bob boyd ( 07-06-2009 23:33:31

Your extension works great! Is there a way to have the details of each area not
displayed until the category is selected? We're doing a website for a school,
and going to use this to create the menu for all teacher personal pages. The
number of possible teacher pages for each category can be extensive, so if the
menu could show like this..

+ Teacher Name 1
+ Teacher Name 2
and then when
name selected
+ Teacher Name 1
- Teacher Name 2
- Page 1
- Page 2

Thanks for any feedback!
Re: way to have the content not expanded?
Kati (Administrator) 08-06-2009 11:06:04

I'm happy the extension works for you
Concerning your question (if I
understood it right), it is absolutely possible. You should go to modules and
open the settings of the menu. On the right, under module paramenters, you will
find a radio button: "Always show sub-menu Items". If you set this to
no, your menu should have the desired behaviour... Let me know whether it worked
no choice like that
Bob ( 08-06-2009 15:49:17

I'm logged in and looking at the module settings and "Always show sub-menu
items" isn't an option. Is there a specific version of the extension that I
might not have?

Re: no choice like that
Kati (Administrator) 08-06-2009 17:02:26

Maybe my explanations weren't clear... you need to go under extensions -> module
manager and then click on the module corresponding to the menu you want and
there the option should be. Does this work?
i understood
bob boyd ( 08-06-2009 21:07:34

I went to that page; the only parameters available are:

module class
generate menu from
choose section
choose category
display category
display article names
limit of articles
output mode
article ordering

Does that make sense?
Re: i understood
Kati (Administrator) 10-06-2009 12:59:07

I put this discussion in the forum under help, it might be useful for others. I
hope it is ok for you. I also put some screen captures, maybe they will help us
figure out your problem.

The link is the following: w&id=326&catid=4

You can go
under: Automatic menu component help and
way to have the content not expand
(From comments)
bob boyd ( 10-06-2009 21:41:53

So, if I read your help article correctly, I should have a menu created using
the regular menu module and then the automatic menu is a submenu off of that?

So my menu would be:

Teachers (created as a regular menu item)
Teacher Name
1 (created as an mod_autogen menu)
Article 1 (created by auto menu)

Article 2...xx (all created by the auto menu)

If you send me your email
address, I'll send a screen cap of how this is currently configured.

OK...the menu is generating all on one level
Bob Boyd ( 11-06-2009 04:03:59

OK. The menu generated that time, but everything is at the same level...i.e.
teacher names and the associated articles are all at the left edge...nothing
sent down as submenu items.

Please help...this is getting frustrating.
Re: OK...the menu is generating all on one level
Kati (Administrator) 11-06-2009 10:25:33

Ok... I think I understand your problem. The way the automatic menu functions is
that it creates a hierarchy in the following way:

-section 1
- - category 1
- -
- article 1
- - - article 2
- - category 2
- - - article 3
- - - article

If I understand it right, you are creating some of the menu items
yourself... in this case the component cannot guess that they should be the
parent item for an article... You could either define it yourself for each menu
item (but this would imply modifying each menu item one by one) Or you could
create a section: Teachers and categories for each teacher and the put each
article in the right category...
Does this make any sense?
Yes, but doesn't work
bob ( 11-06-2009 13:57:04

Yes, what you said makes sense and that is exactly what I'm trying to do. I
have a section titled "HS Teachers" and categories for each teacher.
The content is laid out into the separate categories, but the menu is generating
all on one level.
Re: Yes, but doesn't work
Kati (Administrator) 11-06-2009 14:16:39

Ok... what version of the component are you using? the normal or the beta? What
about the joomla? I have seen some problems with the component beta version...
If you have this one installed, maybe you can try the other one...
No Article recognition
vecdom ( 21-03-2009 11:23:32

I have 2 different sections with categories and articles.

I created the first
menu and assigned module to show up on a specific page. Its working fine.

I created a 2nd menu for the second section & categories and assigned module to
show up only on that specific page.
- Issue is that only one of the categories
is being show on that 2nd menu and not the other ones.

Where do I go from

Thank You
doc unclear
Michel ( 19-03-2009 10:45:42

hi there,

I think the documentation is not clear about the fact that after one
has created a menu, he still has to update it...
One would expect that this is
automatic... ;-)

You might want to incist on this fact in the how-to on top of
this page

No items
menu user ( 22-02-2009 06:05:46

This could be very good for me but it shows only the title at this time
and no menu items, any help is appreciated.
Severe error after creating menu
keb1965 ( 16-12-2008 22:24:45

I installed the component, but there was nothing like you describe in the setup
here. I was not presented with anything to enable the component. The only thing
I had was an item in my menu creation panel to make an automatic menu, but it
fails with a 404 error
Kati (Administrator) 17-12-2008 10:29:09

Did you try reinstalling? And try the other vesion?
keb1965 ( 17-12-2008 14:50:10

Yes, I tried all 3 packages, and reinstalled 3 times, the problem is I cannot
find any of the things you reference and it "seems" to act differently
than described.

I noticed that the folder under components is empty, but
since there is only the admin section in the installer, I suspect that is
Seems great, but not working here either.
Terry ( 08-12-2008 22:44:24

1) I installed Automatic Menu 2.
2) Created an automatic menu for my Articles
section which has 23 categories and two test articles in separate
3) In Module Manager, enabled the module (a mod_mainmenu module)
and set menu assignment to "all" as per the above instructions.

menu title shows up in my left column as it should, but no categories or links
are displayed just as if it were a mod_mainmenu module with no menu items

I guess I must be confused as to exactly what this module is
supposed to do.
not working
Tim ( 20-08-2008 21:51:56

I installed it.
I have sections, categories and articles setup.
I have the
automatic menu module setup.

I clicked "update menu"... and nothing
happened. What am I missing here?....
re: not working
Kati (Administrator) 22-08-2008 08:07:13

Yes, several people had this before. In the download section there is a
component called automatic menu beta (not automatic menu 2 beta) you could try
it, it resolved the problems for some people. Let me know if it works
doesnt work still
Anonymous ( 17-11-2008 09:17:22

I tried both and None of it worked
I am willing to send you any log files
etc which may help you debug this
Anonymous ( 17-11-2008 09:26:31

I was able to make it finally work - i had to enable menu assignment to
Kati (Administrator) 17-11-2008 09:59:50

good sorry didn't think of mentioning this...
Sections Working Perfecly
Daniel ( 18-08-2008 14:06:07

I had version 1.5 and was about to come here and post a request for a per
section way to organize. Now version 2 has it and its working perfecly! Thanks
for this great tool! really speeds up updating my website, thx!!!
Great Component - Wish to see this...
Robin ( 01-08-2008 08:42:13

Hi guys

GREAT component... no problems just a big THANKS. Life is easier

One thing I would love to see is the preservation of ordering in the
automatic_menu component. Once installed and the order of menu items is set, I
would LOVE this order to be preserved when the UPDATE MENU is executed.

than that.... almost perfect!!
Re: Great Component - Wish to see this...
Kati (Administrator) 02-08-2008 09:45:16

First of all thanks
Yes, for now on an update the menu is totally
deleted and not updated. We will implement this soon I hope so that the menu
will be really updated instead of recreated... We'll keep you posted..
Error on clicking update menu
Clement Gitonga ( 13-06-2008 14:32:16

I'm trying out this component and when I click on update menu, I get the
following error
Parse error: syntax error,
unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in C:\xampp\htdocs\Joomla_new\admini strator\components&#
92;com_automatic_menu\ admin.automatic_menu.html.php on line 46
Kati (Administrator) 13-06-2008 14:48:14


I copied your bug report to the forum, so we can discuss it better.
Could you maybe tell me what your menu name / title are (or whether they contain
any specific caracters)
Here is the link to your post:

you don't need registration.
feature request
Benjamin ( 13-06-2008 15:10:38

Great component.

What I would like to see is:

* I create an Menu depending
on one section or category.

* This Menu is displayed only if one of the
articles are displayed (instead of manually choosing them in the list of the
module properties.)

This would be a great simplification for my website users
- that\'s why I would even try to program it myself. Perhaps this is a good
basis of cooperation.
Great idea
Kati (Administrator) 13-06-2008 12:10:30


I imagine you're already using the beta version. I think you're idea is
great as it would be useful for our website as well. I haven't looked at a way
to acheive this... I'll have a look this weekend and tell you whether it's quite
easy (and I will just quickly include it myself) or whether it would be a good
idea to do this together. I'll keep you updated.
another way of doing this ...
Benjamin Pick ( 16-06-2008 09:17:37


I just realized and tested that this is a way of doing
this: -menu.html

I think extended
menu is already capable of doing what your automenu does - but it does much
more, that's why its parametrasation is far from intuive.

re: another way of doing this ...
Kati (Administrator) 16-06-2008 09:29:54


I am aware there are similar components which are very good....
However, I decided to program my own component because the others didn't suit my
needs, especially in terms of usability and the way it functions ( create a
normal joomla menu... )
Happy you found a component that suits you...

I'll probably still try to implement your idea for the next release...
Benjamin ( 18-06-2008 11:14:01

well, no ...

I didn't say that I'm happy with it: I tried the example, and it
worked, but I don't understand why; I tried my own application, and I can't get
it running.

What did your investigations show?

I'm also thinking about a
(optional) plugin that updates the corresponding menu every time an article is
Kati (Administrator) 18-06-2008 12:12:40

Oh ok... My problem is currently getting the itemid for section and category
view... I can send you my code tonight if you want...

The automatic update
would be very cool... I am investigating that as well as we've had several
request...Haven't figured it out yet...
internationalization bug
Benjamin ( 13-06-2008 11:17:23

When I run the component, a notice appears:

Undefined offset 0 in
/admin.automatic_menu.html.php on line 87

Reason: The SQL command returns 0
rows, as in my german joomla 'articles' is rendered as "Beiträge".
Re: internationalization bug
Kati (Administrator) 13-06-2008 13:53:58

Thanks for the remark. We'll have a look at how to make it compatible with
joomla version which are not in english. Should be available soon..
Tom ( 13-06-2008 01:23:23

Hello, this seems like a very useful component and what I've been looking for,
however my installation is not working correctly. The menu layout produced is
currently like this -

Section 1
Category 1
Article 1
Section 1
Article 1
Section 1
Category 1
Article 1

Instead of -

Section 1

Category 1
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Category 2
Article 1

Article 2
Article 3

Any idea why this would happen?

Would love to get
it working correctly!

Tom ( 13-06-2008 15:36:01

Here maybe this will help (the formatting wasnt clear in the other post).

content structure is -

--Article2 etc

The module produces the following menu
structure when updated -


Only showing one article/category
repeatedly. Any ideas? thanks
Kati (Administrator) 13-06-2008 15:43:21


We can discuss it in the forum... I already copied your entry and
posted an answer.
com_fireboard&itemid=272&func=view&catid=3&id=27#2 7
gd ( 12-06-2008 06:16:32

this is great, wish i had found it before having the template done.

not sure
if it is possible,
could the update produce several modules based on

or at least have several copies of the module, one for each section?

and lastly, seems to generate a menu based on the article. so i have for a

where i really wanted
-cat -blog list of articles.
Kati (Administrator) 12-06-2008 17:20:16


Thanks for the suggestions. The first suggestion will be possible in
the next release. It is already available as a beta version if you'd like to
test it.
The second is not possible and not planned. If we get more requests,
we will look if it's possible without making the component too complicated.
love to test beta
glenn ( 13-06-2008 00:26:29

will give the beta a test if you like. just point me at a download and will try
it out.
Kati (Administrator) 13-06-2008 09:38:08

It's on the overview page. But here is the direct link:

I f you have time, we'd be
happy to have some feedback and we have a forum in case of bugs.
Jento ( 11-06-2008 08:12:25

When I update the menu, it removes the submenu structure and place all the menus
in the same level
re: Mr
Kati (Administrator) 11-06-2008 17:42:41


The menu is based on the structure of categories and sections. Are you
sure you put your articles into categories and sections? If possible, for bugs /
problems write to the forum (no membership required) I hope this solved the
Drop Down Menus
Gerald ( 05-06-2008 00:55:44

Can this be integrated with a drop down menu. I mean with another menu module
type? or can this be modified so I can have another type of Menu?
re: drop down menus
Kati (Administrator) 05-06-2008 08:12:58


As long as your drop down (or other type) of menu makes use of the
standard menus of joomla, yes. Therefore, it really depends on how you're going
to make it into a drop-down menu. If it's just a module you're using it should
probably be ok.
Other types of menu (drop down)
Gerald ( 05-06-2008 00:53:35

Do you know how to integrate this automatic updater to another type of menu, or
how to make it with a drop down menu?
great script
sl ( 04-06-2008 17:57:15

Great extension ! v2 really usefull.
Suit my site beautifully

Suggestion: like
your extension name (automatic menu) there should be auto update option for
selected menu by one click, eg by choosing component-automatic menu, suppose
some menu auto update, no need to make selection and click update

re: great script
Kati (Administrator) 05-06-2008 08:06:50

glad you like it!
As you seem not to be the only one looking for such an update
button, we will certainly integrate it in the version for release, thank you for
your feedback!
Generate a menu with the categories for the curren
Rafa ( 03-06-2008 11:07:23


Is it posible to create a contextual menu for the categories for the
current section the user is in?

Contextual menu
Kati (Administrator) 03-06-2008 15:19:04


If I understand you right, you want to have a menu which is updated
on-the-fly while the user is surfing? This is not possible with our component as
the goal of our component is to create standard menu items for joomla which are
static. Maybe you can find another extension that will do what you are looking
Empty meny
Klashma ( 27-05-2008 04:55:55


Where do you tell it what section / category to create a menu

Empty menu
Kati (Administrator) 27-05-2008 12:09:37


For now, the menu is built automatically from all sections and
categories you have created. We are working on a version which will come out in
the next 2-3 months which will let you select the section(s) / category(ies). If
the menu doesn't work, please send us an e-mail so we can help you with it...
testing version
Kati (Administrator) 01-06-2008 16:37:33


We just created a new version which allows the selection of categories
sections as well as a few other things. It is still beta and has not
entirely tested. However, if you want to try it out, you can download it
here: zip

P lease let us know what
think of it! (and if you come accross any problems)
testing version * feed back
Klashma ( 02-06-2008 12:06:10

Thanks for beta! It appears to be partially working, but the automatic menu
interface is full of PHP Notices... Here is a very small sample...
Undefined variable: row in \administrator\components\com_automati
c_menu\views\automatic_menu\tmpl\f orm.php on line 31

Trying to get property of non-object in
c_menu\views\automatic_menu\tmpl\f orm.php on line 31

Undefined variable: sectionId in
c_menu\views\automatic_menu\tmpl\f orm.php on line 36

Undefined variable: row in \administrator\components\com_automati
c_menu\views\automatic_menu\tmpl\f orm.php on line 31

Trying to get property of non-object in
Kati (Administrator) 02-06-2008 13:11:41

Thanks for the feedback!
A new version is now available under the same link
which should correct the error messages you get!
Testing * Feed back
Klashma ( 03-06-2008 12:24:34

Hello again! Good work!

Two things I found:
- Where did the "update
all" menu button go?
- When clicking update selected menus without any
menus selected, a blank menu appears in the menu list.

Kati (Administrator) 03-06-2008 12:52:46


Thanks again for helping.
- The issue with the creation of
an empty menu is resolved.
- Concerning the update all, you need to check all
the menus to update before doing the update. (can be done in one click with the
checkbox next to the ID)
Menus do not update anymore
Klashma ( 04-06-2008 04:20:57


Today I've created all my content their sections / categories. For
some reason, the automatic menu system does not populate the menus anymore. I
will create an empty menu, but that's it.
Is there any way to troubleshoot

re:Menus do not update anymore
Kati (Administrator) 05-06-2008 08:09:05

Hello, I copied your message to our new forum where it will be easier to discuss
your issue. I hope this is ok with you...Could you give me some more details
about when it stopped working?

Forum link to your
Kati (Administrator) 12-06-2008 22:19:20

In case you have tried to post to the forum, we fixed the issue of "code not
correct" and there shouldn't be any problems for posting anymore!
Is it possible to work on vertical menu?
edgar ( 22-05-2008 12:32:06

Looks great, but I got one question, does it works with vertical menu?
Vertical menu
Kati (Administrator) 22-05-2008 14:13:24

The layout doesn't actually depend on our component. You can define
the menu to be vertical in the corresponding module properties. (as you would do
with a manual menu)

Hope this helped...
old version is work but new version not work
Prommart ( 20-05-2008 09:07:25

I use old version it's work fine, but new version can't work, it not create
menu, where link for old version.
Thank you
Old version
Kati (Administrator) 21-05-2008 16:17:27

I am not sure which version you have. I put a link on the overview page. I hope
it's the one you are interested in. However, we would be happy if you could tell
us about your problem so we can fix it in the new version since others might be
experiencing the same problem...
Hope this is useful!
Fraser ( 05-05-2008 00:03:24

Wow, this is a great time-saver! Thanks!
Feature request/idea: since I use one
giant section for all related categories, how about an auto-menu for categories
only? Or is this already possible in the current auto-menu...
Kati (Administrator) 05-05-2008 12:28:44

Thanks, happy you like it Good idea, we'll see what we can do and let
you know if we have a version where this can be done!
testing version
Kati (Administrator) 01-06-2008 16:36:46


We just created a new version which allows the selection of categories
/ sections as well as a few other things. It is still beta and has not been
entirely tested. However, if you want to try it out, you can download it here:

P lease let us know what you
think of it! (and if you come accross any problems)
Dmitry ( 04-05-2008 15:14:33

Hello! I can not work with this component, since appears mistake: Parse error:
parse error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or
T_VAR or '}' in z:homer.ruwwwadministratorcomponentscom_automatic_
menuadmin.automatic_menu.html.php on line 9
PHP version
Kati ( 05-05-2008 17:30:39


I think you get this error because you don't have PHP 5 installed. We
just uploaded a new version which is tested with PHP 4, hope it works now
Great idea
Emphyrio ( 04-06-2008 14:21:12

Great idea; it could really save time when you have lots of content on your
site. Does it always generate menus with three levels? Or is there some clever
trick to have more levels?
admin ( 04-05-2008 15:58:12


Happy that you liked it. No, for now it always makes menus with three
levels as this is the hierarchy joomla imposes with the structure of
sections-categories-content items.

I hope this answers your question.
Only registered users can write comments!

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