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folder_icons/folder_yellow.gif Adsense easy insert

Plugin for joomla 1.5.5 that inserts an ad at the beginning and one at the end of each content item.

folder_icons/folder_yellow.gif Automatic Menu


This component allows you to create automatically a menu based on the sections-category-content items hierarchy. This is very useful if you create a lot of content and do not want to update the menu by hand!

Please report your bugs here

You can find a manual here

folder_icons/folder_yellow.gif Messaging component

Download Instructions
Download the zip file. Do not unpack it. Log in in the administration section of your joomla page. Now go to Extensions->Install. Upload the file and install it. Install the module after installing the component. See the documentation for more information.

folder_icons/folder_yellow.gif PHP Class Loader

A PHP Class Loader: don\'t care about includes anymore!